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About Movetrack Education

Movetrack education plus is one of the main wing of our core business. We are very much passionate of our education plus programs. Unlike we are not offering any academics education like schools and colleges. We are offering to our consumers very unique educational Services which are very need and in demand in today & competitive educational world, also young working professionals can now upgrade their skills and thus enhance their career prospects at their own convenience.Through integrity, accountability, passion, humility, simplicity and a focus on students and employees. We have created vibrant educational plus Services, where ideas can bloom, students and employees can thrive and success can flourish in their career.

Spectacles Removal Music Therapy

Your eyes are one of the most important organ in your body.your eyes will change and grow as you age and there will come a time when images or words in books are not as clear and sharp as used to be. You dont pay attention to the subtle …… Read More

MidBrain Activation For Kids

The midbrain is the smallest region of the brain that acts as a sort of relay station for auditory and visual information. The midbrain controls many important functions such as the visual and auditory systems as well as eye movement. Portions of the midbrain  ……Read More

ESP & Photo Graphic Memory Course

A photographic, memory involves being able to recall images, names, words, and numbers with extreme precision. Having a strong memory relies on neuroplasticity of the brain, or the brain’s ability to reorganize itself over time by breaking and forming ……Read More

Quantum Speed Reading

The quantum speed reading is the course of three months. As we all know that reading engages the eyes, ears, mouth, and brain. Anyhow, speed perusing connects with these faculties considerably more than typical perusing on the grounds that you utilize ……Read More

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